2016-02-18 00:54:21 by sunhang



I will try my best to make “Madness War”!

Madness War 4

2016-02-09 02:59:12 by sunhang


Now I have finished 1/3.

Madness War 3.5

2015-08-23 08:34:22 by sunhang

“madness War 3.5”has nothing to do with the plot development,Now I have done 1500 frames​.

School begins tomorrow,I won't have too much time to make animation。4817290_144033306062_QQ20150823200057.png



2015-07-27 04:01:13 by sunhang

I was too young to can't do something well.


2014-09-21 02:12:03 by sunhang

I wlii do somethings in MadnessDay 2014

I admit that I did not put too much effort to use it to go above, but I also try to do it. The protagonist is a whole body hair with purple fluorescence person mutants (lol)? Joke. This flash a lot of details in nature, such as a hand after being killed minions no. Hee hee, lazy. To not come screenshots?

I am soon to be published flash - madness purple.